Would You Like to Learn How the Wealthy Invest in Real Estate? 

From the desk of Dan GenzelOutside of Chicago

Dear Friend,


I'm looking for "dream" private clients I can bring massive windfalls for using commercial real estate. If you're reading this then it means you might be interested in commercial real estate investing and could be the best use of 10 minutes of your time.


I guess this is where I am supposed to "sell" you on the idea of investing in commercial real estate and/or becoming a private client of mine to help make that happen for you...but frankly commercial real estate isn't for anyone and my group isn't what you might think it is.


If there is one thing that I hear on a weekly basis that keep successful entrepreneurs and investors up at night its...I'm too invested in my "Main Business" and have one source of income and there isn't anything really stopping some "thing" from having an outsized impact and jeopardize my whole financial picture.


I'm saying commercial real estate could be the investment class to fix that...I have not found another business where you can bring a groups of people together. (tenants in your building) that are obligated (via the Leases) to in effect pay you every month (via Rent) the operating expenses (including amortizing mortgage) and then hand over to you what cash is left over...ALL...while these tenants pay off YOUR building in about 20 years.


FACT: As a result of working with me 1 on 1, my private clients earn significantly more in cash flow and wealth than what they pay me - that's call R.O.I. and those results are typical! I have never failed done of my private clients!


The reason is why is because if I take you on as a client and we create a strategic investment plan given the resources you have and you let me do what I do on your behalf and follow my advice when needed and together we get you into your first commercial real estate investment where you are making money Day 1, you will get a phenomenal return on your money. Period...full stop.


Why Am I Doing This?


That's a fair question...and to be totally transparent they are for selfish reasons...let me explain.


A close second to the feeling of me walking out of a closing having just bought another piece of commercial real estate is the tone in my clients voice when they tell me they just did their first deal.


This type of DONE WITH YOU CONSULTING is a better way for me to diversify my investments. Rather than go out and buy a sub franchise, I would rather create an advisory company and help people achieve their desired results. The way I look at it is when I help enough people get what they want...I'll get everything I need in return.


Last, some of my private clients may want to "club-in" on deals we can do together. It's not something I promote, but always an option down the road.


Commercial Real Estate Can Be the Asset Class that Finally Provides You the Wealth Diversification and Legacy Creation You've Been Looking for


So if you like the idea of someone removing any uncertainty about commercial real estate investing...we should talk. I'll help design your personalized investment strategy, quarterback the process to find & evaluate the property, personally structuring a profitable deal for you and then when all the feasibility checks out lead the process to close the transaction - we should talk.


I'm protective of who I give my time to. Maintaining a 100% client success rate is very important to me. Click the link below which is an assessment to see if it might make sense to talk and if so schedule a time to talk.

P.S. If you think real estate investing is some get rich quick scheme or think you don't need any capital to invest in real estate (a) your wrong (b) let's part ways now. Investing in commercial real estate does require some of your capital and is a get wealthy slowly proposition that starts with doing your first deal.

P.P.S. You're one (small) commercial real estate investment away from a path of financial security...let me show you why.