I'm Dan Genzel...

I Help Entrepreneurs & Investors Generate Passive Income, Build Lasting Wealth and Create the Legacy They've Dreamed of By Investing In Commercial Real Estate

With over 20 years of back-tested results in real estate and private equity through the lens of an entrepreneur having done hundreds and hundreds of real estate transactions, borrowed and repaid tens of millions of dollars in loans, and raised millions in equity from investors who wanted to invest alongside me and an advisor to ultra successful entrepreneurs, I help driven business owners, real estate professionals & affluent investors achieve the wealth diversification they've been searching for by deploying capital into real real estate estate investments (that have nothing to so with flipping a house) all making financial insecurity a thing of the past...done without the complication of "managing" real estate. Numbers don't lie, have a look at my site, check out my track record and see what I've accomplished and get a sense of how I understand where you are coming from and more importantly what I can do to get you to where you want to go.

Why Commercial Real Estate Investing?

There is no other business where a group of people (tenants in YOUR investment property) come together (bound by written leases) to in effect pay (via rent) YOUR property expenses every month (including amortizing mortgage) and hand over to YOU what's left over (cash flow) to do with as YOU wish...all while you wait for these same people to pay off YOUR building in about 20 years.

Where Do We Go from Here?

I've been where you are...building my own businesses and investment portfolio from nothing. I have a feeling we share one thing in common - a goal to have FREEDOM. Freedom to do what you want, when you want and with who you want. You don't need to walk this journey alone!


Because you're successful in your current business you can become a commercial real estate investor. You know how to drive revenue, control expenses, create & follow processes and above all else generate return on investment. You should discover the truth about what commercial real estate investing is all about because there are many myths out there. 


You don't need to walk this journey of freedom alone. I will open the door and show you how (starting with one small deal) investing in commercial real estate will help diversify your investment portfolio and help prevent some future event in your "main" business - "main" source of income from having an outsized impact on your entire financial picture. Having a portion of your assets diversified into alternative investments like commercial real estate generating passive cash flow will given you the freedom you desire.


For the right person, I'll create a personalized real estate investment strategy, lead the process to find & analyze potential properties, personally structure a profitable deal and close the transaction…eliminating any uncertainty. I work best with:

Business owners looking to diversify wealth specifically taking advantage of an untapped real estate opportunity (not available to most) that literally might be right underneath their chair

Affluent investors who want to diversify into alternative investments like professionally managed cash flowing commercial real estate with impressive risk-adjusted returns plus profit sharing

Wildly successful real estate professionals interested in building their own wealth and generating more fees putting their own deals together using mostly other peoples money

It doesn't matter where you are...if you feel like...

...I Wish I Had the Roadmap to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Then I may have what you've been looking for

The 7 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

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